Examinition System

Examination System & Assessment Informatiom

To ensure its commitment towards quality education, examinations are conducted under the National Institute of Computer Education (N.I.C.E.). There is a system in place of continuous evaluation. Students are awarded marks and grades on the basis of his/her performance in the module examination, project and class participation. The evaluation consists of two components: Minimum passing marks are 45% in each module.

Grade System

Percentage Grade
Above 85% A+
>=75% to <85% A
>=65% to <75% B+
>=55% to <65% B
>=45% to <55% C


  • If any candidate is failed to get 75% attendance, he/she will not be permitted to appear for the examinations nor be refunded the amount. Neither the certificate will be issued nor will the security amount be refunded to him/her.
  • Examination will be conducted four times a year at your N.I.C.E. Center.
  • Practical Exam. Will carry total 100 Marks.
    20 Marks For internal Examination (Class Tests, Assignments, Projects and attendance)
  • Duration of Examination will be 3 hours.
    20 Marks For Practical Examination.
  • There are semester in the courses and after completing every semester there will be theory/practical examination. If the candidate fails in the first semester he/she has to clear that semester with the next semester, otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to go for the next semester.
  • The students, who do not appear in the exam, have to deposit a fine of Rs. 100/- to appear in the exam in the next semester.
  • The examination will be conducted at the end of each module and semester. There will be regular test in which the students would have to appear and submit their assignments. The performance as a student will be subjected to assessment at the end of the module.

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